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AOC Bordeaux Supérieur

The Story

Bordeaux Supérieur wines are literally superior, made under stricter appellation laws, setting higher winemaking standards making richer and more complex wine with greater aging ability”
The Bordeaux Superieur appellation extends over the entire Bordeaux vineyard: it corresponds not to a specific terroir but to a selection among the Bordeaux wines. The selection criteria are for example often old vines, a lower authorized yield, a minimum ageing period of nine months – for many in barrels – and a higher alcoholic degree.
Deserving the Bordeaux Superieur appellation means complying with particularly strict production conditions in order to give an optimal expression of the terroir.
But it also means offering the winegrower the opportunity to give the best of himself : in every Bordeaux Superieur, there is the mark of its author, the undefinable reflection of his own know-how, a personal style that gives each bottle and each vintage its own particular character.

The Wine

When drank young, the Bordeaux Superieur wines are already eloquent but, with a little patience, they will present an intense aromatic richness, revealing ripe fruits, woody and spicy notes. In the mouth, they are characterized by their more powerful tannins, which ensures a longer ageing capacity

Grandissime’s advice

« An ageing potential of 5 to 8 years. Service temperatire 17-18° C »

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