Les beaux-Arts conquer Grandissime !

The expressionist artist, Renépaul, was born in North Africa. Having been inspired by the same skies that fascinated Albert Camus and Matisse, his works burst with vibrant and furtive colours . The subjects in Renepaul’s paintings evoke emotions, and the people carry with them a feeling, higher than a simple pose.

Renepaul is an architect by vocation, l’Ecole Supérieure des Baux Arts à Paris his alma mater.

He became a commercial artist in 1985, devoting all his time to painting and sculpture.

Having turned 90 earlier this year, RenePaul’s style has remained amazingly up to date

He was recently commissioned to make a metal sculpture of our company logo, pouring life into a previously two dimentional image…just look how beautifully it blends into the garden in front of our offices.