We design a range of quality wines: from the prêt-a porter easy sipping blends, to the haute couture coming from exclusive terroirs and barrels.

Unlike traditional Négociants, we profile the wines we offer our way.

We observe, listen, understand and know our clients.

True experts in winemaking, blending and packaging we know how to tailor bespoke wines, while respecting terroir and tradition in the same manner a designer will respect precious cloth.

Thorough Research
and Preparation

Over the years, we have built strong, loyal partnerships in the wine industry. This gives us priority access to top quality wines at competitive prices.

Our expertise lies in our ability to bring together the art of traditional wine making and polished professionalism through highly specialised technical requirements.

We pride ourselves in adding value to our wines through exclusively designed packaging and marketing concepts adapted to a specific product – be it traditional, modern or completely fresh and new.


Each member of our sales team has specific in depth know how of a certain part of the world wine market. The tally of their expertise gives us unique, detailed and up to date market knowledge.

We are very active in the British, Swiss and German supermarket sectors and the high standards set by these players are applied on our whole range of wines.

We are very active in the US, China, Singapore, Canada, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, Brazil and Australia.

Our logistics team handles the worldwide shipping of wine with authority and skill.

Our tag and our style underwrites all our wines and our flexibility remains one of our strengths.

A Wide Range

Come and discover our choice: a true treasure trove from exceptional estates to exclusive brands.